Why Choose Slate RoofingThe benefits of slate roofing are manifold. You might think that businesses and homeowners in the area are choosing slate because of its natural beauty—and that is partially true—but it’s not just because it’s stunning. The material is one of the most impervious to weathering and erosion in nature, and many buildings still have rooves that have lasted for over 150 years without any visible signs of aging. Insects and pests won’t infest it, and the sun and rain won’t bleach it or strip it of its natural beauty. In a country with a harsh temperate climate like Australia, it is the ideal material for roofing.

Slate roofing companies specialise in giving homeowners and business owners the best selection of different slate tiles, “We’ve been installing these types of roofing shingles for three decades,” Said Damian, “I’ve seen it increase in popularity over time gradually, because I think people are finally starting to see that the initial expense is well worth it, especially considering how long it lasts. It requires only minimal maintenance to maintain, and it raises your property value and brings out the beauty in your home. It’s just a good choice all around, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”

It’s true that wooden shingles and asphalt shingles might be a bit cheaper, but are they really worth it in the long run? If you’re environmentally conscious, you might be shocked to hear that shingles take up a huge chunk in landfills. With how often people have to replace and repair rooves made out of less resilient material, most rooves end up in the landfill within 20-30 years before being replaced by something else, “It’s pretty astonishing when you hear that roofing materials make up 5-10% of all of the landfills on the planet.” Damian informed me of this environmental crisis, and I wasn’t previously aware.

Some of the most famous buildings in the country use the stark beauty of slate to create a timeless appearance. If you’re a homeowner or business owner looking to revitalize your property and take your exterior design to the next level, maybe you should consider investing in this material. It looks good with just about any kind of siding or brick, and it won’t break or shatter from harsh weather like strong winds. You’re making a bigger investment than you’d make with another type of roof, but for many people, it’s well worth it.

If you’re looking for a company that specialises in installing it, I’d highly recommend Damian’s group of contractors, who have been doing it for decades. They serve the local area and have helped hundreds of homes and businesses upgrade their roof materials over the past 30 years.

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