We often see a cockroach in dirty places. For them, a place full of dirt is a place of heaven and shelter. However, it turns out that they are considered as a threat to humans. A threat in the sense that they carry things we do not want to happen and to have. These are illnesses that can be passed on to us that would greatly affect our health. Considering that our health is precious, we should not let pests to trouble us so much. So, let us try to educate ourselves about the diseases they bring and why should we get rid of them:

Health Problems

  1. Streptococcus – This is considered to any forms of infections as soon as the victim has a severe contact with a cockroach. With this, a person could get throat infections up to serious and severe infections in different parts of the body.
  2. Listeriosis – This illness occurs when we consume contaminated food and drink. People with the weak immune system would greatly be affected by this illness. Symptoms are diarrhea, fever, headaches, stiff necks etc.
  3. Leprosy – This is one of the serious illnesses cockroaches could get you. Symptoms will show five to twenty years so we really need to be vigilant. Also, there is still no cure for leprosy that makes it so scary.
  4. Dysentery – This is an illness wherein a person experienced diarrhea with blood included on it. Poor hygiene will most likely get dysentery. Symptoms are vomiting, fever, stomach cramps.
  5. Typhoid Fever – Typhoid fever occurs when we eat food/drink being contaminated to cockroach’s feces. Stomach pain, fever, and constipation are among the symptoms of typhoid fever. A person should seek medical attention once sick with this illness.
  6. Amoebiasis – This will occur especially if a family has a poor sanitary condition. Symptoms will usually show two to four weeks such as loose feces, stomach pain, and stomach cramps.
  7. Polio – This illness occurs when virus resides in our throat and intestinal tract. It will spread especially if we have contact with the waste of the infected person. Symptoms are fatigue, fever, headache, back pain and a lot more.

To help you prevent these horrible diseases you can go to a Professional Pest Control company’s website and get them to removal all those creepy crawlies from your house.

Having been able to know the illnesses that cockroach bring, let us get rid of them right away once we see them so that we can live in a safe and clean place. We should not let anything compromise our health especially our family’s health.


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