Some might think they are not that harmful because of their tiny structure and tiny physical appearance but hey! Pests are pests. Flies are very common and it is present in several countries. We can also find them in almost all households. They are numerous especially in places with full of garbage, they are attracted with wastes of other animals and even in humans, they also attack foods and they are good consuming dead species. This is the reason why we need to avoid flies because they land everywhere even in the dirtiest place. So what do you think if they land in our food? If they visit our household? Of course, we will also be affected with what it brings. Problems with flies are very common during summer so if you need some fly removal you need to educate your self on the harm it can cause, and depending on your case possibly call a professional pest control company.

Different Diseases carried by flies

Anthrax – Anthrax is a serious infection that is being transmitted from flies to us, humans. This infection is due to the existence and birth of the bacteria named as “Bacillus anthracis”. This bacteria usually infect us through our skin through wounds. There are a lot of symptoms given if a person has anthrax such as itching, swelling of lymph glands, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, chest pain and a lot more.

Food Poisoning – Food poisoning is due to the bacteria that live in the intestines of people. This may be due to undercooked food so let us make sure that what restaurants and fast food chains do prepare a well-cooked food. Unwashed fruits and vegetables. It is advised that we should be particular in every food we consume especially the pregnant women as food poisoning is a serious case in their situation. Some of the symptoms are vomiting, loose stools, abdominal cramps, fever and a lot more.

Conjunctivitis – It is a case of irritation of the mucous membrane. It is classified into two: Infectious and non-infectious. The cause of infectious conjunctivitis is bacterial and viral infections while the non-infectious are allergies. Conjunctivitis is triggered with the irritants like sand, air pollution, smoke, dust and a lot more. Symptoms are redness of eyes, excessive tearing, itching etc.

Tuberculosis – It is usually referred to as TB of the lung. This is a very rampant illness but this is also curable. If not being taken into action, it can rapidly destroy lung tissues reducing pulmonary function. This is transmitted from person to person. If you have a contact with an infected person, in just within five minutes, the other person will already be infected with the bacteria.

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