What It takes to become the BEST Pest Control Company

There are a lot of firms out there asserting their promises of helping us solve our problem with pests. However, we needed to make sure that these firms are doing their job properly as pest control is a serious topic. We spoke to one of the best insect exterminator in Castle hill.

How do we know if they are the best?

Good Reviews – Almost all companies have built their website portal. We could check their website and see if they have good reviews. However, some reviews are fake so we really need to be vigilant.

How long are they in the business – If the business stays alive for more than fifteen to twenty years, then you can say that they are reliable as they have a lot of experience and they won’t stay long if they are not trusted.

Well Trained Staffs – You cannot be considered the BEST if you don’t have the BEST individuals in the team as well. We need to make sure that these people know what they are doing and they are well trained in doing their thing.

Modern and Advance methods and equipment- Companies should adjust with the trend. Being in the trend means these companies are capable of adapting to a better change. It starts with acquiring advanced equipment that could help them simplify their job. They should be able to satisfy the needs of the clients from inspections to treatment and to post treatments monitoring checks-ups.

Warranties and Contracts – See if they have warranties and contracts. Make sure that you have read what is stated in the contract.

Best Customer Service – Ofcourse, every customer wants a customer service that understands their points and their feelings. Every company must have an exceptional customer service. It is also one of the factors that a customer is checking in choosing the best pest control company for them.

Payment Flexibility and Options – The cost of solving such sever issue may come as unexpected and that the family may not be able to provide a budget for such an emergency. The company should take a look on this and be considerate in the situation of the client that needs immediate solution.

Broad Specialties – Every client has different problem and cases. The company should be able to cover different issues and resolve different pest issues that means they can carry out a large range of control methods. This should be also one of their priorities.

What Diseases Can Flies carry?


Some might think they are not that harmful because of their tiny structure and tiny physical appearance but hey! Pests are pests. Flies are very common and it is present in several countries. We can also find them in almost all households. They are numerous especially in places with full of garbage, they are attracted with wastes of other animals and even in humans, they also attack foods and they are good consuming dead species. This is the reason why we need to avoid flies because they land everywhere even in the dirtiest place. So what do you think if they land in our food? If they visit our household? Of course, we will also be affected with what it brings. Problems with flies are very common during summer so if you need some fly removal you need to educate your self on the harm it can cause, and depending on your case possibly call a professional pest control company.

Different Diseases carried by flies

Anthrax – Anthrax is a serious infection that is being transmitted from flies to us, humans. This infection is due to the existence and birth of the bacteria named as “Bacillus anthracis”. This bacteria usually infect us through our skin through wounds. There are a lot of symptoms given if a person has anthrax such as itching, swelling of lymph glands, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, chest pain and a lot more.

Food Poisoning – Food poisoning is due to the bacteria that live in the intestines of people. This may be due to undercooked food so let us make sure that what restaurants and fast food chains do prepare a well-cooked food. Unwashed fruits and vegetables. It is advised that we should be particular in every food we consume especially the pregnant women as food poisoning is a serious case in their situation. Some of the symptoms are vomiting, loose stools, abdominal cramps, fever and a lot more.

Conjunctivitis – It is a case of irritation of the mucous membrane. It is classified into two: Infectious and non-infectious. The cause of infectious conjunctivitis is bacterial and viral infections while the non-infectious are allergies. Conjunctivitis is triggered with the irritants like sand, air pollution, smoke, dust and a lot more. Symptoms are redness of eyes, excessive tearing, itching etc.

Tuberculosis – It is usually referred to as TB of the lung. This is a very rampant illness but this is also curable. If not being taken into action, it can rapidly destroy lung tissues reducing pulmonary function. This is transmitted from person to person. If you have a contact with an infected person, in just within five minutes, the other person will already be infected with the bacteria.

Green Pest Control, What’s Is It?


Green pest control process has caught the attention of the masses especially the establishments that provide services to the young people with low immune system. However, there are experts who question and became hesitant with the way it works and they say it could be a waste of time and money.

If you are going to weigh Green Pest Control, we indeed can get benefits from it even though the way pest control is done is quite different.  It uses fewer chemicals and prefers to use natural ones but it is still effective and indeed safe.

Green Pest Control would greatly be used in rural areas so that the crops and the agricultural living will not be greatly affected by the chemicals used in a typical pest control setup. Pest Control Companies should also include this in their services and that the client would also have the chance to choose on what kind of strategy would they want to us. This is ideal for a growing family. A family having kids and babies would be very good for green pest control as we know kids’ immune system is not that strong to fight the threats to their body so this should be recommended. There are a lot of chemicals that can be included in Green Pest control. We have Insect Growth Regulator, where this chemical prevents the development of the pests. Also, we have boric acid and a lot more.

I know we still need more and thorough learning on Green Pest Control but to some people, let us not just reject an idea just because we do not know the whole picture of it. We could get a lot of benefits from Green Pest Control. Just because we have an alternative to changing the typical process doesn’t mean that this is not effective and this is useless. Although it works differently from chemical pest control, green pest control till does it job when it comes to the pests that it needs to exterminate.  Rats, wasps, or white ants you name it green pest control can deal with it.

Integrated Pest Management is also being covered by Green Pest Control. The IPM doesn’t focus on the pests alone but IPM concerns on the environment that make the pests grow in numbers and develop. Once the target pests are captured, it is being studied and assessed. After that one, the exterminators will come up with the idea on how to deal with it and make necessary actions that are also considered safe and effective.. This is how beautiful Green Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management are.

How to keep your Pest Control Business afloat

We cannot deny the fact that there are businesses that won’t last long and there are some who stand firm over time. There are factors that make a business survive over the years. One main factor is the nature of the business itself. It is the main concern because most businesses that live longer are the ones which offer a service or a product that is considered as “People’s Needs”. We spoke to Pest Control Liverpool and this is what they had to say:

  1. Know and Treasure your customers:  Your customers are your treasure because they are the ones who feed your business. You need to take care of them properly. Why? Because soon those customers will also be your marketers. Your marketers in the sense that they have the ability to spread your business in other people to attract more customers.
  2. Seek for Leads through Interaction – Use social media to endorse your business.  Find engagements with other entrepreneurs and use it as a venue to look for more clients. Entrepreneurs have a lot of connections so build the relationship with them and explore more clients through that.
  3. Build Your Own Website Portal

Almost all businesses nowadays have their own websites but for those who do not have, this is the time for you to have a good one. Customers usually check your websites to see if you are legit or not. Also, some will inquire about your service through your website and not by going personally to your office. Your website is actually your virtual office. Customers visit your site, check your services and inquire if they are interested. Make sure you make an appealing one.

  1. Make your Contact Lines Active Always

Customers will reach you anytime so make sure you are available to speak to them. Some customers get bored so easily from waiting and prefer to look for another company so in order to attract more people, make sure that you are reachable.

  1. Ask for a service feedback from your clients

Right after you are done with your job, it is very helpful that you ask for a feedback about your company’s performance to improve your service and so that you have proof to include on your website about the infestations that you have done in the past. This will serve as the customer’s basis if they will choose you or not so make sure you do well on your job to get a positive feedback.

For those who have struggling business nowadays, it would be better to check this factors and start building one by one.

Why Choose Pest Control Bankstown?

Perhaps you do have a lot of choices when choosing a pest control company in Bankstown. You might be thinking twice on what service should you choose. You might be wondering who is the best. You might want to have a quick check first before making a decision. You might be checking the most affordable company with the best service. Right now, we say! Wipe those “What Ifs” and hesitations you have and choose Pest Control Bankstown! Our pest removals are the ones that you should choose from among the choices that you have. Yes, we are the best yet the most affordable one! There is no need to have a quick check first for it is already been presented all here on our page.

So if you are wondering why we say WE ARE THE BEST, check out our reasons below:

1. We offer follow up service for FREE – We will go back in your residence to follow up final tests and see if we have done everything.
2. We give HIGH PRIORITY for returning customers – We give high priority to our returning customers means that if you come back and want to have something to be sorted again, we will quickly jump and talk with you and discuss your matter.
3. We give DISCOUNTS for customers will bigger plans – We give you plans for you to choose and we also give favorable discounts for you to enjoy.
4. We conduct ASSEMBLY – We conduct FREE assembly for households who would want to get FREE tips on how to maintain your homes and be free from pests.
5. We have special BRACKETS for corporate clients – We offer special pricing for entrepreneurs who would want to avail our service.
6. We have many members of staff – We hire a large number of staffs to make sure that every client is taken cared of. We do not want to fail someone even in their first and initial contact with us. We deeply understand our clients’ situation from mild to severe ones and we would like to be sure that we are always there for you, always ON TIME!
These are just a few of unique edges that we have from other companies. We do not give false promises and we only deliver HIGH QUALITY AND FAVORABLE CLIENT SERVICE. Do not hesitate to contact us for any pest concerns. We will give you flexible services that’s perfect for you!

What diseases cockroach carry’s

We often see a cockroach in dirty places. For them, a place full of dirt is a place of heaven and shelter. However, it turns out that they are considered as a threat to humans. A threat in the sense that they carry things we do not want to happen and to have. These are illnesses that can be passed on to us that would greatly affect our health. Considering that our health is precious, we should not let pests to trouble us so much. So, let us try to educate ourselves about the diseases they bring and why should we get rid of them:

Health Problems

  1. Streptococcus – This is considered to any forms of infections as soon as the victim has a severe contact with a cockroach. With this, a person could get throat infections up to serious and severe infections in different parts of the body.
  2. Listeriosis – This illness occurs when we consume contaminated food and drink. People with the weak immune system would greatly be affected by this illness. Symptoms are diarrhea, fever, headaches, stiff necks etc.
  3. Leprosy – This is one of the serious illnesses cockroaches could get you. Symptoms will show five to twenty years so we really need to be vigilant. Also, there is still no cure for leprosy that makes it so scary.
  4. Dysentery – This is an illness wherein a person experienced diarrhea with blood included on it. Poor hygiene will most likely get dysentery. Symptoms are vomiting, fever, stomach cramps.
  5. Typhoid Fever – Typhoid fever occurs when we eat food/drink being contaminated to cockroach’s feces. Stomach pain, fever, and constipation are among the symptoms of typhoid fever. A person should seek medical attention once sick with this illness.
  6. Amoebiasis – This will occur especially if a family has a poor sanitary condition. Symptoms will usually show two to four weeks such as loose feces, stomach pain, and stomach cramps.
  7. Polio – This illness occurs when virus resides in our throat and intestinal tract. It will spread especially if we have contact with the waste of the infected person. Symptoms are fatigue, fever, headache, back pain and a lot more.

To help you prevent these horrible diseases you can go to a Professional Pest Control company’s website and get them to removal all those creepy crawlies from your house.

Having been able to know the illnesses that cockroach bring, let us get rid of them right away once we see them so that we can live in a safe and clean place. We should not let anything compromise our health especially our family’s health.